Thursday, February 09, 2006


Allow me to take this time and immerse myself into a mini-rant.

I hate the despite the fact that my freelancing is doing nicely, certain people still don't give a sh*t or at this point, still look down at it as "some hobby" i'll be getting out of and doing "real" stuff. Shet.

Some things just don't change. Geeez.

+ + +

i feel the need to de-stress. I scored 73. How did you do?


hlF said...

yeah. i get that all the time too. but it all goes out to the other ear. if you want, you can start "legalizing" your freelancing. register yourself at BIR so you can issue receipts. parang may business ka na! maybe that would help.

wanderlust junkie said...

i am registered. yun ngayung nakakainis eh. leche talaga...god i really NEED this vacation.

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